The invaluable benefits of these stress reducing practices help by:

Decreasing blood pressure

Decreasing pain medication

Decreasing fatigue

Decreasing feelings of depression and anxiety

Increasing memory

Increasing feelings of happiness in the work place

Increasing focus

Increasing motivation

Boosting Immunity

Instilling over all sense of work/life balance

Prevent Injury

Relieve muscle strains that eventually lead to Repetitive Strain and Motion


Reduce the adverse effects of staying in one position too long.

Identify tender areas that need attention before becoming serious problems.

Rev up brainpower by increasing blood flow.


Ready to make a difference for your company?

Give a health day instead of a sick day with Zen Space!

With rising healthcare costs and sickness trends, we don’t want your office to have to miss a day of your employee’s brilliance by letting the accumulating side effects of stress get them down. Let’s face it, no matter how awesome of a company yours is, workplace stress can get to even the best CEO, manager or employee.

An overabundance of stress shows that important key components such as collaboration, creativity, cognitive flexibility and effective decision making is greatly compromised. Studies show that 42% of people leave the workplace because of stress and another 35% consider leaving because if it. Employee turnover is super stressful and inefficient to your company. Imagine having a low cost but highly effective tool to help lower that statistic?

Conversely, studies show that by offering workplace wellness programs such as massage, meditation and yoga, help to alleviate unhealthy stress by promoting mental wellbeing. In fact, one study found that these techniques help increase a manager’s ability to make decisions by 80%, increases their listening skills by 89% and decreases their stress by one third.

I know, right? Why wouldn’t you?